Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forgiveness Sunday School Lesson - Only Jesus Can Judge, But He’d Rather Forgive Instead – The Woman Caught in Adultery

Use this forgiveness Sunday School lesson to teach kids about how Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery.

Needed: Bibles, paper, crayons or markers

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, what are we supposed to do when we see someone doing something wrong?

What if they’re breaking the law, then what should we do?

(Have students take turns reading John 8:2-4, or read it yourself.)

The Pharisees said that the woman was caught doing something bad and breaking the law. (If students ask, tell them that she was cheating on her husband, or kissing another man even though she was married.)

(Have another student read John 8:5, or read it yourself.)

What was supposed to be the woman’s punishment for breaking the law? (She was supposed to be stoned.)

When you stone someone, that means you throw rocks at them until they’re dead.

(Have students take turns reading John 8:6-8, or read it yourself.)

Did Jesus tell them they could throw rocks at her and kill her? (No.)

What did Jesus say? (He said that if anyone had never sinned, then they could throw the first rock at her.)

Jesus was telling the people that they couldn’t judge the woman – they couldn’t kill her for doing something wrong – because they all had done wrong things too.

Just like us. We all do things are wrong sometimes. Only God and Jesus can judge people because They’re the only ones who have never done anything wrong. God and Jesus never sinned. They’re perfect.

(Have students take turns reading John 8:9-11, or read it yourself.)

Did Jesus judge the woman and kill her for the wrong thing she did? (No.)

Jesus didn’t want to kill her. Instead, He forgave her and told her not to do it again. That’s the same thing Jesus does for us. When we do something wrong, He doesn’t want to punish us. He forgives us and tell us not to do it again.

So remember, only God and Jesus can judge other people, but Jesus will only judge them if He has to. He wants to forgive them instead. And Jesus can forgive anyone if they’re sorry for what they did.

Activity: Attitude Comparison – Have students draw a picture of the mean people who wanted to throw rocks at the woman, and of Jesus who wanted to forgive her. Ask them to draw the kind of faces that the people and Jesus would have been making.

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