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Elisha Sunday School Lesson - Elisha is Merciful to His Enemies

Use this Elisha Sunday School lesson to teach kids about being merciful. 

Needed: Bibles, paper, crayons or markers   

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

So far, we’ve learned about how Elijah went up to Heaven. Does anyone remember how Elijah got to Heaven? (God sent a fiery chariot down to get him and carry him up to Heaven.)

Then Elijah’s helper, Elisha, became an even greater prophet than Elijah. Today, we’re going to learn about one more miracle that Elisha did.

(Read 2 Kings 6:8-10 with your students.)

So the king of Aram keeps taking his soldiers and having them camp at different places so that they can attack Israel, but the prophet Elisha keeps telling the king of Israel where the Aramean army is. How does Elisha know where the Aramean army is? (God keeps telling him.)

Did you know that God knows everything? Anything that we do, anything that we say, anything that we think, God knows about it. So God knew exactly where the Aramean army was and He told Elisha.

(Read 2 Kings 6:11-14 with your students.)

Why is the king of Aram sending his army to Elisha? (To capture him so he can’t tell the king of Israel where the Aramean army is going to attack anymore.)

Do you think God will let the Ararmean army capture Elisha?

(Read 2 Kings 6:15-17 with your students.)

The Bible says that there were invisible horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha, protecting him. Where do you think those horses and chariots came from? (They came from God.)

Those invisible horses and chariots of fire were from Heaven. God sent them down to protect Elisha from the Aramean army. They were angels. Did you know that there are angels all around us too? We can’t see them most of the time, but God sends His angels down from Heaven to protect us and help us. They’re always with us, just like God is always with us, even if we can’t see them.

(Read 2 Kings 6:18-22 with your students.)

So Elisha tricked the Aramean army and took them to the king of Israel. The king of Israel wanted to kill the Aramean soldiers, but Elisha said not to. Why do you think Elisha didn’t want to kill the Aramean soldiers? (They didn’t need to kill them. The Arameans had already been captured and couldn’t fight, so there was no need to kill them.)

God likes it when we are merciful and forgive our enemies. If someone does something mean to us, we shouldn’t try to hurt them back, but should be nice to them.

(Read 2 Kings 6:23 with your students.)

What happened when Elisha was nice to the Aramean army? (They stopped attacking Israel.)

Even though the Arameans had come to capture him, Elisha was nice to them. And because he was nice to them, they stopped attacking. If we will be nice to people who are mean to us, that might make them feel bad for being mean to us and try to be nicer to us next time.

So remember, God likes it when we are nice to the people who are mean to us.

Craft: Angels All Around! – Have students draw themselves in a scary situation. Then instruct them to add angels to the picture to protect them.

Remind students that God’s invisible angels are always with us to protect us and help us, just like God is always with us.

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