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Elisha and Naaman Sunday School Lesson - Elisha Heals Naaman for Free, but Gehazi is Greedy

Use this Elisha and Naaman Sunday School lesson to teach children about generosity and helping others.

Needed: Bibles              

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Last time, we learned about how Elijah went up to Heaven. Does anyone remember how Elijah got to Heaven? (God sent a fiery chariot down to get him and carry him up to Heaven.)

Then Elijah’s helper, Elisha, became an even greater prophet than Elijah. Today, we’re going to learn about one of the miracles Elisha did for someone.

(Read 2 Kings 5:1 with your students.)

Who was Naaman? (He was the army commander for Aram, one of Israel’s enemies.)

And what disease did Naaman have? (Leprosy.)

Does anyone know what leprosy does to you? (Leprosy is a disease that makes your skin rot off and makes you look kind of like a zombie. It can even make your nose or ears or fingers or toes fall off.)

(Read 2 Kings 5:2-7 with your students.)

Why is the king of Israel upset? (The king of Aram sent his army commander, Naaman, to Israel so that Naaman could be cured of his leprosy. But the king of Israel can’t cure leprosy so he thinks the king of Aram will get mad and attack him because he couldn’t cure Naaman’s leprosy.)

(Read 2 Kings 5:8-12 with your students.)

Why is Naaman angry? (Because Naaman wanted Elisha to do a special miracle for him to cure him of his leprosy, but Elisha didn’t even come out of his house to see Naaman. He just sent his servant to tell Naaman to go wash in the river. Naaman thought Elisha was tricking him because he knew that just washing in the river usually wouldn’t be enough to heal him of his leprosy.)

(Read 2 Kings 5:13-14 with your students.)

How did just washing in the river heal Naaman? (Washing in the river wouldn’t have been enough to heal Naaman, but God did a miracle for Naaman and healed him.)

When Naaman did what Elisha said, and went to wash in the river, God did a miracle for him. If we want God to help us, then we have to do what He says too. How do we know what God wants us to do? (The Bible tells us what God wants us to do.)

If we do the right things that God tells us to do in the Bible, then He will help us.

(Read 2 Kings 5:15-16 with your students.)

Why didn’t Elisha want Naaman to pay him for healing him? (Elisha didn’t want money for healing Naaman, he just wanted to help him.)

God likes it when we help people for free. We shouldn’t always do things just for money. We should do things because we want to help people.

And did Elisha care that Naaman was one of Israel’s enemies? (No.)

Even though Naaman was one of Israel’s enemies, Elisha still helped him. God likes it when we help everyone, even the people that we don’t like very much.

(Read 2 Kings 5:17 with your students.)

Naaman said that he was only going to worship the real God now, and not any of the fake gods. Why do you think Naaman decided to believe in the real God? (Because God and Elisha had helped heal him from his leprosy.)

That’s why we should help other people too. Sometimes when we help people, it makes them want to believe in God, and God is happy when more people believe in Him because God loves them and wants them to go to Heaven when they die so that they can live forever with Him.

(Read 2 Kings 5:18-20 with your students.)

Elisha said he wouldn’t take any money for helping Naaman because he just wanted to help Naaman, but what is Elisha’s servant doing? (He’s going to try to get something from Naaman.)

Do you think Gehazi, the servant, is doing the right thing or the wrong thing by trying to get something from Naaman?

(Read 2 Kings 5:21-22 with your students.)

Did Elisha send Gehazi to say that? (No.)

So Gehazi is lying and just trying to get money for himself.

(Read 2 Kings 5:23-27 with your students.)

What happened to Gehazi because he lied? (He got Naaman’s disease of leprosy.)

So remember, God likes it when we help people for free because it’s nice to help people and because maybe when we help people, that will make them want to believe in God like we do. Then they will get to go to Heaven when they die and live forever with God.

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