Sunday, June 8, 2014

Easter Sunday School Lesson - How Did Jesus Come Back to Life?

Use this Easter Sunday School lesson to teach children about who Jesus really is. 

Ask children, What day is today? (Easter!)

And what happened on Easter? (Jesus rose from the dead.)

Do you all remember how Jesus died? What happened to Him? (Review the crucifixion and burial of Christ.)

So if all happened to Jesus, how could He come back to life? (Listen to answers.)

Can God do anything? (Yes.)

Is God powerful enough to bring a dead person back to life if He wants to? (Yes.)

So God did a miracle and brought Jesus back from the dead.

But there's another reason Jesus couldn't stay dead. Did you know that Jesus is part of God? God has three parts - God the Father, God the Son or Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. All three make one God.

And God is the one who created everything and gave everything life. In fact, God is life. God is the only thing that has no beginning, no end, and can never die.

So even though Jesus died on the cross, He couldn't stay dead because He is God and God can't really die.

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