Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do Not Judge Sunday School Lesson

Use this Do Not Judge Sunday School lesson to teach children how to not judge others.

Needed: a wood board

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Hold a piece of wood up to your eye and then say to your students, “Oh, no, I think you all have something in your eyes. It looks like you all have a little piece of sawdust in your eyes. Here, let me help you pick it out.” (Act like you’re going to reach into a couple of the students’ eyes.)

“Do you think I can see well enough right now to help you get something out of your eye? (No.)

“Why not? Why can’t I see very well right now? (I have a board sticking out of my eye.)

(Take the board down.) “Right. I couldn’t see very well because I had a piece of wood held up to my eye. But that’s kind of how we are sometimes. We tell other people that they they’re doing something wrong or that there’s something wrong with them, just like I told you that you had a piece of sawdust in your eye, but we don’t think about what we’re doing wrong or what’s wrong with us. I had something wrong with me when I held that board up to my eye. I wanted to tell you that you had a piece of sawdust in your eye, but I had something even bigger in my eye. I had a bigger problem than you did. There was something wrong with me more than there was something wrong with you.

“Jesus said that if we want to tell someone that they’re doing something wrong, we have think to about what we might be doing wrong first. I have to take the board out of my eye before I talk to you about the piece of sawdust in your eye. I have to stop doing my wrong things before I tell you to stop doing your wrong things.

“For example, if you get into a fight with someone and you want to blame them for all the things that they did wrong, first think about the wrong things you did to them and what you did to start the fight. Because you should always think about the wrong things you do before you blame other people for the wrong things they do. You have to take of your wrong things first.

(Have students sit in a circle, if possible, and close their eyes.) “I don’t want anyone to talk right now. I just want you to think and remember some things. I want you to think back to the last time you got mad at someone. Try to remember what they did to you to make you mad…Now think about what you did to that other person. Did you do something bad or mean to them first? Did you do something bad or mean to them after they did something bad or mean to you?...Remember to think about what bad things you’re doing before you get mad at someone for their bad things.”

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