Monday, June 2, 2014

Being Ready for Jesus' Return Sunday School Lesson

Another great addition to our online Sunday School lessons! Use this lesson to teach about living for Christ and being ready for His return. 

Needed: An analog or digital clock

Show students your clock, set to a certain time. Ask, Can anyone tell me what time my clock says?

Do any of you ever use clocks? What for?

Do you ever use a clock to know what time you have to leave for school or for church?

Let's pretend that you're getting ready for church in the morning. What time do you have to leave your house to get here in time?

Okay. So when the clock says _, you know you have to be ready. What are the things you have to do to get ready?

That's a lot of stuff you have to do by _ to be ready to leave.

There's also something else that we need to get ready for. It's Jesus' return. Did you know that Jesus is going to come back to earth one day? And we need to be ready for Him when He comes.

The problem (unplug your clock or turn it around) is that we don't know what time He'll be here. We don't even know what day or year He's coming back.

(Read Matthew 24:36-44.)

Jesus says that He will come at a time when we don't expect Him. It will be a surprise. But we're supposed to be ready for Him whenever He comes. How can we ready for Jesus to come back if we don't know when He's coming?

We can be ready for Jesus by doing the things Jesus wants us to do. If we believe in Him and do the right things, then when Jesus comes back, He'll see that we are doing what He asked us to do and He will be happy with us.

So we don't have to know when Jesus will come back to be ready for Him. All we have to do to be ready is to just keep believing in Him and doing the right things that He asked us to do.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: Jesus, we are looking forward to the time when You will come back again so that we can see You and be with You. We pray that You will help us to do the right things that You want us to do so that we will be ready for You, whenever You come. Amen.

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