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Baby Moses Sunday School Lesson - God Gives Moses' Mom a Great Idea

Use this Baby Moses Sunday School lesson to teach kids about the birth of Moses.

Needed: volunteer to play Miriam (you can be Miriam if you want), baby doll, basket

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Say, Last week, we met a woman named Shiphrah. She was a nurse who helped the Israelite women have their babies when the Israelites were living in Egypt. Does anyone remember what Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, told Shiphrah to do when she saw a baby Israelite boy being born? (Pharaoh told her to kill the baby Israelite boys.)

Why did Pharaoh tell her to do that? (He was afraid the Israelites would grow up and join his enemies and fight against him.)

Did Shiphrah do it? Did she kill the baby Israelite boys? (No.)

Shiphrah did what was right and listened to God instead of Pharaoh.

Well, today we’re going to meet someone else who is going to tell us a little bit more about what happened when the Israelites were in Egypt.

(Ask Miriam to come in.)

(Miriam reads the following script based on Exodus 1:22-2:10.)

Miriam: (enters, carrying a baby doll) Wow! Look at all these great kids. Hi, kids! My name is Miriam and I want to tell you a little bit about my brother, Moses, today. Is that okay? Are you ready to hear my story?

Great! Well, a long time ago, when we were living in Egypt, the Pharaoh told Shiphrah and Puah, the nurses, to kill all the baby boys as soon as they were born. But Shiphrah and Puah wouldn’t do it. So Pharaoh ordered all of the mothers to kill their baby boys by throwing them in the river and letting them drown.

Does that sound very nice? Would you throw your baby in the river and let it drown? No, of course you wouldn’t. And my mom didn’t want to do that either. So when she had a baby boy, my little brother, she hid him for three months, and didn’t let Pharaoh or any of his guards know that she had him.

But after three months, it started to get too hard to keep him hidden. She knew that Pharaoh’s guards would find him sooner or later and when they did, they would kill him. So God gave my mom a plan. She put my baby brother in a basket (put baby doll in basket) and put the basket by the river. Then she told me to hide by the edge of the river and watch him to make sure that the basket didn’t go into the water or anything.

So that’s what I did. I watched the basket and I watched it and watched it…until someone started coming down to the river. You’ll never guess who it was. It was the princess, Pharaoh’s daughter! She was coming down to the river with her servants to go swimming.

Then she looked over and saw my baby brother’s basket. She sent her slave to pick up the basket and bring it to her and she found my baby brother inside. My baby brother was crying and the princess felt sorry for him. She decided to keep him for herself!

Then I came out of my hiding spot and ran over to her. “Do you want me to find someone to take care of him for you?” I asked the princess.

She said yes, so I went and got my mom. My mom took care of my baby brother for the princess and the princess named him Moses. That’s how my baby brother was born, and that’s how he became a prince in Egypt, because the princess adopted him as her own son.

But it’s all because God gave my mom the idea to put him in the basket by the river. God knew that the princess would come and find him. God knew that the princess would take care of him.

(Have students thank Miriam.)

Review Questions:

Who gave Moses’ mom the idea to put him in a basket by the river? (God.)

What happened to Moses when his mom put him in the basket? Did he drown in the river? (No, the princess found him and he was allowed to live.)

Who got to take care of Moses after the princess adopted him? (Moses’ mom.)

Do you think you should listen to God if He gives you an idea? (Yes.)

We should also listen to what God is telling us because God always has the best ideas. He saved Moses from drowning and even made it so that his mom could keep taking care of him, and made him a prince. If we listen to God, then He can protect us and make good things happen for us too.

So let’s remember to trust God and do what He tells us.

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