Friday, June 6, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game - The Calling Cards

christian-card-game-alpha-omega-calling-cardIn the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, there are Calling cards. The Calling card is a special Christian trading card that gives a player an additional short-term objective to complete. Once the player has reached the goal on the Calling card, they receive the specific benefit for that Calling card.  

The Calling cards will each benefit you for different amounts of time, and some will only benefit the player that drew them; others will benefit the entire Good team.

The rules say that in order to draw a Calling card, a player has to skip the rest of their actions for that turn. This is symbolic of the fact that sometimes we have to pause in life, while focusing on finding our own calling. We all have the general calling to love God and others and to live according to His Word, but we each also have a specific calling to find and fulfill.

There are many different ways in which God speaks to us to give us our callings in life. Our calling is how we know where we will fit best into God’s Plan. Each person on the earth has a calling, each unique, and each benefitting others in their own unique way. Every calling, from the teacher to the minister to the farmer, is equal in the eyes of God.

Perhaps the most famous Biblical calling was when Mary was visited during the Annunciation. It’s usually not as obvious when we receive our callings, so we must pause and watch for the more subtle hints from God.

In this Christian trading card game, you must also pause in order to receive your calling. The different Calling cards from the Starter Deck will lend you a wide range of abilities, as follows:

  • The Ruin of So Many Glorious – When you have defeated 5 Fallen Angels in a row, you will automatically defeat the next Fallen Angel that comes into play.
  • Faithful Only He – Gives you immunity to Lure Player, if you are the only player that isn’t lured up to that time.
  • Till Then, Who Knew? – Allows you to play your fourth event card at any time in the game, even if it isn’t your turn, and doesn’t count toward your card allowance for that turn.
  • Saw Rebellion Rising – You can scan the entire Opponent deck if you are able to leave no Opponent cards in play for 5 rounds in a row.
  • In Word Mightier – Allows you to heal all of the damage to all of your cards if you have refrained from dealing damage for 3 rounds in a row.
  • The Points of Liberty – If you can refrain from playing any cards for 5 rounds in a row, you can roll a 6-sided die and play that number of cards on your next turn.
  • Squadrons At Once – Starting in Michael’s 6th round in play, he can attack twice per round.
  • Such High Advantages – If no Person cards are Lured Astray for 5 rounds, all Person cards are healed of all damage, and they can each attack twice for the next round.
  • Lead Forth to Battle – This card allows you to roll a 6-sided die and immediately play that many items from your hand if you have 5 Angels in play at once.
  • Neither Keen Nor Solid – Starting in Michael’s 6th round in play, his attacks do double damage.

Read more about this Christian card game on the Alpha/Omega page.

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