Monday, June 2, 2014

Advent Sunday School Lessons - More Blessed to Give than to Receive

Another great idea for your Advent Sunday School lessons! Teach children to have a giving spirit.

Needed: A Christmas-wrapped box

Ask children, How many of you are looking forward to Christmas?

Why do you like Christmas?

(Show the gift box.) How many of you like to get presents?

What kind of presents do you want this year?

Those sound like some neat ideas. It's always fun to get Christmas gifts. But now let me ask, how many of you like to give presents?

Does anyone know why we give presents at Christmas?

We give presents to other people to remember that God gave us Jesus as a present when He sent Jesus to be born. God gave us Jesus as a very special present that first Christmas because Jesus taught us how to follow God and then He died on the cross to forgive us for our sins.

God is always giving us good things. It makes God happy to give. And He told us to be giving toward other people too.

(Read Luke 3:11.)

That's what John the Baptist said. He said we should share what we have with other people. God knows that it is giving, not getting, that will make us happy.

So, this Christmas, think about how fun it is to give to other people, and remember that we give gifts to remember that God gave us the gift of Jesus.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: Father God, we thank You for all of the good gifts You give us. We thank You especially for giving us the gift of Jesus. And we pray that You will help us to be like You by being giving toward other people. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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