Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Acts Sunday School Lesson - Peter Heals Aeneas

Use this Acts Sunday School lesson to tell the story of Peter healing Aeneas.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students to give their answers to the questions before you clarify the teaching.)

Why does God want us to do nice things for other people?

(Have students take turns reading Acts 9:32-33, or read it yourself.)

What was wrong with Aeneas? (He was paralyzed. He couldn’t walk and had to stay in bed.)

How long had Aeneas been like that? (8 years.)

How do you think Aeneas had become paralyzed? (Accept and affirm all reasonable answers – he fell off  his camel, fell off his roof, was injured in battle, his legs got sick, etc.)

How would you like it if something bad like that happened to you and you couldn’t walk anymore?

(Have another student read Acts 9:34, or read it yourself.)

What did Peter do for Aeneas? (He healed him in Jesus’ name.)

How did Peter get the power to heal Aeneas? (God gave him the power.)

Do you think God can give you power like that? (Yes.)

What can God give you power to do? (Accept and affirm all reasonable answers. Ideas might be God giving us the power to not be afraid of things, to do the right things, to talk to people about Jesus, etc.)

(Have another student read Acts 9:35, or read it yourself.)

When people saw that Aeneas was healed, what did they do? (They believed in Jesus.)

What Peter did for the man was nice, but the best part was that people saw it and believed in Jesus. If people see us doing good things, maybe they will want to believe in Jesus, too. We can be a good example for people, just like Peter was.

What are some things that you can do to be a good example for other people to believe in Jesus? (Accept and affirm all reasonable answers. Help other people, be good and don’t do bad things, tell people about Jesus, etc.)

Game: Aeneas Tag – Pick one person to be “It.” When “It” tags someone, they must lie on the ground like they’re paralyzed, like Aeneas. Other people can run up to them, touch them and say, “Jesus heals you!” and then they are unfrozen again. Play until everyone is frozen or until “It” gets tired. Then pick someone else to be “It”.

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