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Acts Sunday School Lesson - Peter and John are Bold for Jesus

Use this Acts Sunday School lesson to teach kids about being brave in Christ.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students to give their answers to the questions before you clarify the teaching.)

Last time, we read about how Peter and John were walking to church, the Temple, and they saw a man who couldn’t walk. The man was begging for money since he couldn’t get a job, but instead of giving him money, Peter healed him so his legs would work right and he could walk. Then Peter and John took the man into the church and showed everyone what had happened. Peter told them that he was able to heal the man because God had given him the power to do it. And he started telling everyone there about Jesus.

The problem was that most people back then didn’t believe in Jesus. Just a couple of months before that, they had nailed Jesus to a cross.

So let’s read what happened to Peter and John next.

(Have students take turns reading Acts 4:1-3, or read it yourself.)

Why did the priests arrest Peter and John? (Because they were teaching the people about Jesus.)

(Have another student read Acts 4:4, or read it yourself.)

A lot of people believed in Jesus, didn’t they? That’s why Peter and John didn’t mind being arrested. They were just glad that more people believed in Jesus. They did the right thing by teaching about Jesus, even if they did get arrested for it.

(Have students take turns reading Acts 4:5-12, or read it yourself.)

How does Peter say we can be saved? (By believing in Jesus.)

(Have another student read Acts 4:13, or read it yourself.)

The Bible says that Peter and John had never gone to school and that they were just ordinary men. If they were just ordinary people, where did they get the power to heal the man who couldn’t walk? (God gave it to them.)

So the priests saw that Peter and John were only special because they believed in Jesus, not because they were smart or had anything special about them. They were only special because they believed in Jesus.

(Have students take turns reading Acts 4:14-18, or read it yourself.)

What did the priests tell Peter and John not to do? (They told them not to teach about Jesus anymore.)

Do you think God wanted Peter and John to keep teaching about Jesus, or not? (God wanted them to keep teaching about Jesus.)

So who should Peter and John listen to, the priests who told them not to teach about Jesus, or God who told them to teach about Jesus? (God.)

(Have students take turns reading Acts 4:19-20, or read it yourself.)

Did Peter and John say they would listen to the priests or to God? (To God.)

So Peter and John made the right choice. We always have to listen to God first. Sometimes people can tell us to do the wrong things, but God always tells us to do the right things.

(Have students take turns reading Acts 4:21-22, or read it yourself.)

Peter and John got in trouble for teaching people about Jesus. That was okay because God wanted them to teach about Jesus, even if other people said they couldn’t. If God told Peter and John to teach about Jesus, do you think He wants you to teach people about Jesus too? (Yes.)

God wants us all to help teach people about Jesus so that everyone can believe in Jesus and go to Heaven when they die instead of going to Hell.

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