Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Acts Sunday School Lesson - Listening to God Instead of People

Use this Acts Sunday School lesson to teach about the bravery we can have in Christ.

Needed: Bibles, lots of newspapers or other paper sheets

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students to give their answers to the questions before you clarify the teaching.)

Can anyone think of a time when they got in trouble for something they didn’t do?

(Have students take turns reading Act 5:12-16, or read it yourself.)

So Peter and the rest of the Apostles were healing people and making demons come out of people, just like Jesus had done. How do you think Peter and the Apostles were able to do those things? (God was giving them power to do it.)

(Have students take turns reading Act 5:17-18, or read it yourself.)

Why did the priests put Peter and the other Apostles in jail? (Because the priests were jealous of the followers of Jesus.)

People were listening to Peter and the disciples instead of the priests and so the priests got jealous.

(Have another student read Act 5:19, or read it yourself.)

How did the followers of Jesus get out of jail? (God sent an angel to help them.)

When you get in a hard situation, do you think God can help you? (Yes.)

God might not send an angel to you, but if you pray and ask God for help, He will help you.

(Have students take turns reading Act 5:20-28, or read it yourself.)

The priests told Peter and the followers of Jesus to stop telling people about Jesus. Do you think Peter and the Apostles should listen to the priests and stop teaching about Jesus? (No.)

God told Peter and the Apostles to teach everyone about Jesus, so they couldn’t stop doing what God told them to do just because the priests said so. The Apostles had to listen to God.

(Have another student read Act 5:29, or read it yourself.)

Peter said he and the rest of the followers of Jesus had to listen to God instead of other people. And the same goes for us too. Remember that God has to be number one in your life and that you always have to listen to Him before you listen to other people.

Well, after Peter and the other disciples said that they wouldn’t listen to the priests and stop telling people about Jesus, the priests became very angry and they Peter and the disciples whipped.

But Peter and the disciples didn’t care about getting punished because they knew they had done the right thing by listening to God instead of people.

Game: Defending the Faith - Divide room into two sides. Divide the students into two teams. One team stands on one side of the line. The other team stands on the other. One team is the Priests, the other is the Followers of Jesus. Give each team a pile of newspapers. The Priests must throw wads of newspaper at the Followers of Jesus. The Followers of Jesus must try to deflect the Priests’ wads. The Followers can only use the newspaper to do so. They can’t use their hands or feet directly. They can make bats out of the newspaper or shields or whatever else they can think of. Give them time before the round starts to make their wads and their weapons of defense. The Priests’ goal is to get as many paper wads on the Followers’ side of the line as possible. The Followers’ goal is to knock the wads back onto the Priests’ side of the line. After a set amount of time, have the teams switch so that all students get to play both roles.

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