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Abraham and Melchizedek Sunday School Lesson - Abram Defeats Kedorlaomer's Army and Rescues Lot

Use this Abraham and Melchizedek Sunday School lesson to teach kids about God's power.

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Well, we’ve been learning about Abram. Does anyone remember what God told Abram to do? God told Abram to leave his country and his friends and his family and go to a new country.

So Abram went to the country of Canaan, but then he had to move to Egypt because of a drought. And he did something wrong in Egypt. Does anyone remember what it was? Abram was afraid that someone would kill him and take his wife, Sarai, away from him since she was so beautiful, so he lied and said that Sarai was his sister. Then Pharaoh did take her to be his wife, but God made Pharaoh and everyone in his palace sick and made Pharaoh give Sarai back to Abram.

After that, Abram moved back to Canaan, but he and Lot’s shepherds kept arguing about whose flocks would get the best grass. Does anyone remember the good thing Abram did to make it so he and Lot didn’t have to fight about it? He was generous and let Lot take the best land for himself and then moved away from him.

Now we’re going to learn about what happened next to Abram and Lot.

Summarize Genesis 14, asking questions as you go.

Kedorlaomer (everyone say Kedorlaomer), King of Elam came with his army and attacked the country of Canaan. The army of Canaan tried to fight against him, but King Kedorlaomer’s army was too strong. They won every battle and conquered every city that they came to. When Kedorlaomer’s army got to the city of Sodom, they stole everything they could find and even kidnapped the people living there so that they could make them into slaves. And since Lot had chosen to go live near Sodom, he was one of the people that Kedorlaomer kidnapped.

What do you think Kedorlaomer is going to do to Lot?

But one of the men from Sodom escaped and came and told Abram what had happened. When Abram heard that Lot had been kidnapped, he called all his friends and all his servants and they chased Kedorlaomer’s army until nightfall.

What do you think Abram’s going to do when he catches up to Kedorlaomer’s army?

In the middle of the night, Abram led his friends and his servants and attacked Kedorlaomer’s army. And even though Kedorlaomer’s army was so big and strong, Abram and the men with him defeated them. Abram rescued Lot and all the people Kedorlaomer and his army had kidnapped and he took back all the things Kedorlaomer’s army had stolen.

How do you think Abram beat Kedorlaomer’s army? God helped him.

Abram and his friends couldn’t have defeated that army on their own. But God helped them. And God can help us do things too. Remember; we might think we can’t do something, but if we have God helping us, we can do anything.

After the battle, Abram gave God one out of every ten things that he had taken back from Kedorlaomer’s army.

Why do you think Abram gave God one out of every ten things he took back? That was Abram’s way of thanking God for helping him win against Kedorlaomer’s army.

We should also give God a tenth of everything we get. If you get allowance or if someone gives you money for doing a job or some birthday money or something, put 10 cents out of every dollar into the offering plate as your way of thanking God.

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