Saturday, June 28, 2014

10 Commandments Sunday School Lesson - The Sanctity of Marriage

Use this 10 Commandments Sunday School lesson to teach kids about the meaning of marriage.


Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, Does anyone remember why God gives us rules? God gives us rules because He loves us. The rules He gives us are meant to protect us and others.

How many of you are married?
How many of you think you will be married someday?
Chances are that most of us will fall in love and get married some day so it’s important for you to start learning some of the things that God says about marriage so that you can think about these things before you do get married.
Right now, who is the most important person in your life?
(Have a student read Genesis 2:24.)
Right now, the most people in your lives are probably your parents or grandparents or maybe a friend. But this Bible verse is telling us that when we get married, that person that we get married to, our husband or our wife, will be the most important person to us. We’ll move out of our parents’ house and we’ll start our own family with our new husband or wife and our husband or wife will   be the most important person to us.
Let’s look at another Bible verse.

(Have a student read Exodus 20:14.)

God says, “Do not commit adultery.” This means that when we get married, we can’t have any other boyfriends or girlfriends.

If you were married, but then you liked somebody else, how do you think that would make your husband or feel? (You may have students whose parents have divorced for this very reason so be sensitive to that and listen to anything that your students may have to share on the subject.)

We can’t have crushes on or like anybody else. We can only love our husband or our wife in that way. If we like somebody else or have another girlfriend or boyfriend, that will really hurt our husband or wife’s feelings and we wouldn’t want to do that because we love them.
So the two things for you to understand about marriage for now is that when you get married, your husband or wife is the most important person to you, except for God. And you are only married to that one person. You can’t have any other girlfriends of boyfriends. You love only your husband or wife in that way.

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