Friday, May 30, 2014

Lure Astray in Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game

In the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, there are two sides—the Good team, and the Opponent. The Opponent Christian trading cards are typically not played out by a player, though they can be. 

The Fallen Angels in the Opponent deck have the ability to Lure Astray the Good People and the Angels from the Good team. When Fallen Angels defeat a Good Person or Angel, they automatically join the Opponents, unless they are protected against Lure Astray. In that case, the defeated card would be discarded.

This aspect of the game is what really sets it apart from other Christian trading card games. Not only does the Opponent attack the Good team physically, but spiritually as well.

Luring Angels
When an Angel from the Good team is defeated, the card joins the Opponent. The Angel has been Lured Astray, and becomes a Fallen Angle themselves, with the ability to Lure Astray, as well.

Luring Good Person Cards
When the Opponent defeats a Good Person card that is not an Angel, that Person joins the Opponent, but does not gain the ability to Lure Astray more Good People..    

Lure Player
When a player has lost a Good Person card to the Opponent deck three rounds in a row, that player then has to join the Opponent in play for a short time, and all of their attacks are aimed at other Good players, not the Opponent. 

Many of these Christian trading cards have the ability to shield others from the impact of Lure Astray, and a few can return Lured cards back into Good play. Some examples of this include:

  • Dumah – Removes spoken abilities, including Lure Astray
  • Eremiel- Can save one Good Person card per round, or defeat one Opponent
  • Haniel- Returns one Lured Astray card per turn to active Good play
  • Pahaliah – Converts one Opponent human per turn to Good play
  • Love – Provides one Person card with immunity to Lure Astray for one round
  • Courage – One Good Person card is immune to Lure Astray
  • Loyalty – Protects 1 Good Person card from Lure Astray for 1 round

There are other ways to help your own cards or a teammate’s from being Lured Astray in this Christian card game. Some other Supernatural Good cards have powers to help deflect damage from another Good card. For example, Michael can take damage to protect any other card that is being attacked, which would allow another round to pass before a weaker card is defeated.

Our Spiritual Battles
The Lure Astray ability that the Opponent has is very symbolic. It makes this Christian card game symbolic of more than just physical battles, against physical opponents. Satan attacks us spiritually, trying to lure us astray from God, and when he succeeds, people help him to do evil.

Thankfully, in this Christian trading card game, being Lured Astray doesn’t have any profound effect on your life. Protecting your cards from Lure Astray is an important part of winning the game, however.

As in the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, in life, we have to watch for Satan’s tricks. He is always watching for the weakest player, waiting to lure us astray, from God and the truth. 

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