Friday, May 30, 2014

Introducing Alpha/Omega, the New Christian Card Game!

Do your children or their friends play trading card games, such as Magic the Gathering, or Pokémon? Do you wish they could learn something other than destruction from these games? Or maybe you have already been playing Christian card games and you want more variety. If you like Christian card games, such as Redemption and Bible Battles, then you will love Alpha/Omega! 

Alpha/Omega, the up-and-coming Christian trading card game, was created by Pastor Steve Wilson of Beavercreek, Ohio.  A fun way to learn about Christian history and the Bible, this Christian card game is fully customizable; it can be played by any number of players and by players of nearly any age.

As a cooperative game, players partner up against the game as opposed to playing against each other.  This makes it a unique opportunity to live as the Body of Christ and build each other up instead of trying to take advantage of others’ weaknesses (which is something that a lot of other card games promote).

Variety in Gameplay
A major advantage that Alpha/Omega has over some other Christian card games, is that it has many different objectives, allowing for a lot of variety in gameplay. It’s also a living card game, so Pastor Steve will be releasing new cards regularly to add to your deck, which will add variety to your gameplay with these Christian trading cards.

Build Your Deck, Customize Your Strategy
You can either play with your own pre-made deck, or create a new deck each time you play, depending on your desired strategy. With the ongoing storyline, this game can continue in many different directions and will have an unmatched replay value in Christian trading card games. 

Unique Card Designs
Each of the Christian trading cards has its own unique design, abilities, and learning opportunities. The artwork is sourced from both classic and public domain works of art. The artwork on the Good cards truly grasp the Lord’s beauty, and the works of art on the Opponent deck grasp the twistedness of the Fallen Angels that have turned away from Him.

The Good Deck
The Good decks in this Christian trading card game are made up of the following types of cards:

  • Good Supernatural Person
  • Good Place
  • Good Event
  • Good Item
  • Objective—the specific goal for your gameplay
  • Calling—an achievement that allows you additional benefits

The Opponent Deck
The opponent deck is also made up of the following types of cards:

  • Person Cards
  • Places
  • Events
  • Items

Magic Portrayed Correctly
A special note, taken directly from the Alpha/Omega Rulebook: ‘Some Opponent cards will refer to the use of magic. As only the Opponent deck refers to magic, it is to be understood that magical effects are brought about by the influence and actions of Fallen Angels. Apart from the actions of these Fallen Angels, “magic” itself does not actually exist and therefore has no inherent power.’

Rule Variations Increase or Decrease the Difficulty
There are several possible variations to gameplay, which will only increase as more cards become available. Some of the variations to this Christian card game include:

  • Easy mode
  • Opponent play
  • Campaign mode
  • All-or-Nothing
  • Fast play or extended play options

Ready to play? Read more and print your cards on the Alpha/Omega page. 

Written by: Lisa M. Freamo, Freelance Writer (

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