Friday, May 30, 2014

And There Was War in Heaven – Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game, the Starter Objective

christian-card-gameAlpha/Omega, the new Christian trading card game, tells a wonderful story, in a unique way. Each deck that is released in this Christian card game will have at least one new objective, each adding to the story that the Christian trading cards tell—the story of the Bible. Starting at the beginning of Christian tradition, the Alpha/Omega Starter Deck has only one objective—you must help the Angels defeat Satan’s rebellion in Heaven.

The Objective Card
‘And there was war in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven.’—Revelation 12:7-8

The Scripture quote on the Objective card relates directly to the objective itself, and begins the story that is told through gameplay. In order to defeat Satan’s army, and banish them from Heaven, the Good team (or solo player) must reach a strength of 50 higher than the Opponent deck’s strength.

If the Opponent deck reaches a greater strength than the Good team, by 50 points, then all is lost. Thankfully, however, it is just a game, and you can reshuffle, replay, and receive a different outcome. 

Christian Trading Card Game Play
While playing the game, the players must work together to achieve the Objective goal. By playing your Good cards, you can defeat the people cards belonging to the Opponent deck, as well as defend the Good side. Being a cooperative play game, you are able to play your own cards on top of your teammates’ cards, to strengthen the Good side as a whole.

The scoring system of the game is based on the collective Strength of the cards in play. The Objective for the Starter Deck states that the War in Heaven will end when one team has 50 points more than the other team. Once more decks and Objectives are released, there will be different goals and values that you must reach to succeed, which will be indicated on the Objective cards.

Varied Gameplay with this Christian Trading Card Game
This Christian card game has additional rules, to allow variations in gameplay, even within the same Objective. There is the option for a Campaign game, where gameplay picks up where it left off, as opposed to beginning a new game. This will be particularly fun and challenging once you can use a series of Objectives, and tell a longer story. There are also shorter and longer versions of gameplay, where you change the Strength goal in the Objective to either 25 or 100. And the ‘All or Nothing’ games allow you to defeat all of the Opponent deck before (or after) declaring victory.

Deck Building, Using Your Christian Trading Cards
When building your Good deck, you can either use a pre-made deck that you really enjoy using in order to maximize your own style of play, or you can use the entire deck as produced. From these cards, you draw 7 for your hand.

The Opponent deck is completely randomized and uses all the cards as released. However, if you are playing the ‘Opponent Play’ variation of the game, then the Opponent player would follow the same deck building rules as the Good player(s) and can build their deck as they like.

Learn more on the Alpha/Omega page and enjoy!

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