Friday, May 30, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game Printing Instructions

As a minister, God impressed upon me a long time ago that anything I produce needs to be offered free of charge. So, whereas I do plan on offering a professionally printed version of the game at some point, it will also always be available for free download and printing.

To print the card decks, simply click on the pdf of the card deck and print the front of the cards. Then, depending on how your printer loads, print as many pages of the appropriate backing as you need. The backing will be the same for the Starter Deck and the expansion decks when they come out.

There is some chance of misalignment depending on whether your printer includes an automatic printer margin. If you are having difficulty printing a satisfactory deck, you can use the Puzzle Backing for each deck. When you look at the Puzzle Backing pdfs, you'll see that they're not meant to need a specific alignment, so they'll give you deck differentiation without the irritation of needing to match up exactly.

(These instructions are for the Alpha/Omega Christian card game only.)

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