Friday, May 30, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game - The Artwork Symbolism

When you’re playing the Christian trading card game Alpha/Omega, you may wonder why the Opponent cards appear to have an image of Christ, or why the Opponent cards can only attack the weakest card that the Good Deck has in play. These things are directly connected to the profound symbolism of these Christian trading cards.

Each work of art on these Christian trading cards is taken from Christian history. God has been inspiring us in our art, our lives, and in play, since the beginning of time. Many beautiful works of art have been inspired by God and faith. The Christian artwork on these Christian trading cards inspire our faith, by reminding us of the Scriptures, and the long-standing, time-tested faith of Christians that came before us.

Satan’s Tactics
While the Opponent cards appear to have an image of Christ on their backing, if you look closely, it is actually a distorted image, turned backwards. Lacking the color and beauty of the Good deck’s image of the radiant power of Christ, its symbolic reference to what our real life Opponent does, is incredible.

Satan seeks to distort the Word of God, causing doubt to rise in our hearts. The deceiver twists God’s Word, God’s love, and his actions, just like the distorted image of Jesus on the Opponent deck’s backing.

Something else that Satan does, is exploit our weaknesses, in a constant effort to tempt and lure us. Because of Satan’s attacks on us in our times of weakness, the Opponent cards can only make attacks on the weakest Good deck Christian trading cards in play.

Standing Together
In this Christian card game, standing together, and helping our teammates, allows us to defeat the Opponent deck. That is so symbolic of real life, as well. Standing together in Faith with our fellow Christians and the protection of the Scripture is the best way to overcome temptation and live as God wants us to.

Building your deck from the Christian trading cards of your choice is one great way to win your game. Some people may find that playing this Christian trading card game with more Person cards to help them fight the good fight is the best option for them, while others may choose to use fewer Person cards, using items, such as Heavenly armor, or Flaming Swords, to strengthen the Person cards that remain. Still others will prefer to exercise their faith, relying on direct actions from Heaven itself, using more Event cards.

As the creator of this inspiring Christian card game, Pastor Stephen Wilson, says, ‘The strategy of how you live, and play, your faith is up to you!’

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