Friday, March 28, 2014

Video and Text Devotional - Genesis 1 - God's Spirit Hovering Over the Dark Waters

Watch the video or read the devotion below.

We've all gone through dark times in life. I know I have, sometimes on a daily basis. But that's just how life is. It's up and it's down. Sometimes things are going our way, sometimes they're not.

That's why I love Genesis 1:2-3. The entire world is in chaos. It has no orderly shape to it. It's just a mess of watery goo covered in complete darkness. It's nothing in those first moments of creation.

But what?

But God's Spirit was hovering over the mess. God's Spirit was hovering, waiting in the midst of that darkness, getting ready to act, and in the next instant, God's Spirit declares, "Let there be light!" and the darkness is gone.

It'll come back. But for now, it's gone.

We all go through dark times. Sometimes, our life seems like a mess. But God's Spirit, my friends, is hovering over you, getting ready to act, getting ready to bring light to your darkness.

Can you feel it?

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