Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Video and Text Devotional - Genesis 1 - God Our Maker and King

Watch the video or read the devotional below.

Genesis 1 clearly portrays God as our Maker. You've probably made something before . Maybe, like God, you've made a human being, or you will make a human being someday. You have or will participate in that Divine act of creation by having a child. Let me ask you, do you expect that child to listen to you and obey you?

Of course you do. Even though your son or daughter has their own will, you know what's best for them. In fact, they have no legal rights to make their own decisions until they come of age.

It's the same with God. He is our Creator. He made us. We wouldn't be here without Him. And even though we have our own will, we do not have the right to do as we please. We are responsible to God to obey Him. Like a parent with their child, He knows what's best for us and we have no right to act against His wishes.

Another way to think about it is to view God as our King and we as His vassals. The King is the rightful ruler. We have no right to rebel against Him unless He does something that proves Himself unworthy to rule. But God will never do anything unworthy of our respect and obedience because He is the perfect good and wise King. Our only legitimate response to God our King is loyalty.

So, give thanks to God for the life He's given you as your Maker, your Parent, and submit to Him willfully as your rightful, good, and perfect King.

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