Friday, March 7, 2014

Sermon Ideas for Genesis 12

- Second Chances - Has God ever asked you to do something, and then when you didn't do it, gave you a second chance a little while later? He does that for Abram here. In Genesis 11:31, it says that Abram's father was taking him to Canaan, but they stopped short. Now God is calling Abram to continue the journey.

Sometimes our life is like that. God calls us to do something and we get started, but don't quite go all the way. Sometimes we stop to rest. Thank God that He continues to call us onward and that sometimes a call is simply a renewal to the call.

What has God called you to in the past? Is He still calling you to it? If you're not sure, ask Him. He will answer.

- The Cost of Deceit - Abram went to Egypt because there was a famine in Canaan. While he was in Egypt, he lied needlessly to the man who could help him the most. When his lie was found out, Pharaoh refused to help him any more and sent him away.

Have you deceived someone needlessly? Have you ever used someone without being completely honest? God blesses honesty, and when we're honest with people, they will usually help us more than if we deceive them. If they find out our deception, we will have ruined our chance to receive any help from them at all.

Be open and honest with people - be a person of integrity - and watch how God blesses your life through them.

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