Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jr High Sunday School Lessons

Greetings, friends! Welcome to Bible Helps for Youth.
Whether you are a staff person or work with youth just because you love God and the kids, the time you put in, and the impact you make in students’ lives, is priceless. Bible Helps is here to help you get the most out of your efforts with our jr high Sunday School lessons for every Sunday, weekly meeting, or special event you hold.

At Bible Helps, you’ll be able to find the exact jr high Sunday School lessons you want. Most of our jr high Sunday School lessons are organized by Scripture passage for easy browsing. If you're looking for a topic rather than a certain passage, simply type your keyword into the Search box to pull up all lessons we have on that topic.

We generally organize our lessons in such a way that lend to lesson series, but feel free to use any lesson as a one-off too. Each has its own emphasis and take-away point to focus on.   

And don’t worry too much about what the lessons are called. Our jr high Sunday School lessons aren't just for Sunday School. Each one can be used just as well your evening meeting, your weekend event, at camp, or wherever/whenever you meet with students.

We post new jr high Sunday School lessons every week, so come back every once in a while to see the new additions. You can also subscribe to our feeds to get the posts as they come out.

Bible Helps (will) Cover the Entire Bible
Our jr high Sunday School lessons index is organized by Bible book with Holiday lessons at the end so you can find exactly what you're looking for and to plan a series if you want. We’re not there yet, but we’re working hard to post lessons on every passage of the Bible so that we make sure to teach the full counsel of God’s Word.

Bible Helps is Based on God’s Word
We focus our jr high Sunday School lessons on core Bible teaching and historic Christianity. We try not to get too deep in controversial doctrines because we want this to be a resource for many church traditions. That being said, we accept the Bible as being the inspired Word of God. We won’t compromise on that or knowingly contradict it. Amen?

Bible Helps is 100% FREE to Use
When Jesus sent out the disciples on their first mission, He said, “Freely you have received; freely give.” In the same vein, you wouldn’t charge your students to hear God’s Word, and we won’t charge you to deliver God’s Word. Our calling is to help you fulfill yours, all for God’s glory and the sake of the students you teach. It’s that simple.

We do publish our jr high Sunday School lessons for sale on Amazon for those who would rather have them as ebook collections, but most people just connect to the site from their mobile device or print the lesson out beforehand, and we are just fine with that.

Part of your calling is teaching students. Our calling is providing the jr high Sunday School lessons.

You’re the one using the site, so if you have suggestions for how to make Bible Helps better, please leave let me know in the Comments section below. We’re always striving to make the site more effective.

I also encourage you to write and send in your own jr high Sunday School lessons for posting on the site. We'll put your name on it and you can take a Godly pride in knowing that it is being used to teach students God’s Word worldwide. Just send an email to WhereverItPleases –at- with your lesson.

Thank you, and may God's Spirit be with your spirits every time you teach those jr high Sunday School lessons!

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