Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 26:14-16 - Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus

(Read Matthew 26:14-16 here.)

Judas betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. How much could thirty pieces of silver really buy? Was it worth giving up His relationship with Christ? Was it worth not inheriting eternal life? Of course, we know that Judas himself very soon realized that it was not.

But what about our betrayals? Maybe we don't hand Jesus over like Judas did, but we always seem to be looking for things to sell our relationship with Him for. Maybe we decide to watch a little more TV instead of spending time in prayer and Bible reading. By doing so, we are accepting television instead of Christ, thirty pieces of silver in exchange for time better spent with the Savior.

We don't have to spend time in religious activity constantly, but keep in mind that everything we do, every choice we make, shows how much we value our relationship with Jesus.

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