Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 22:1-14 - Parable of the Wedding Banquet

The king invites people to a feast, a party, a celebration, but they refuse to come and even mistreat the messengers. The king invites other people, who do come, but one of them isn't wearing proper attire and is kicked out.

The King is God, the first people invited are the Israelites, the messengers are the prophets, the second group invited is the Gentiles, and the man removed from the banquet is an unrepentant person.

God invites us to enjoy the good things He has for us. He is a good King, who wants to give us good things. He loves us. How could he not be offended when we refuse to accept the blessings He has for us?

God invites everyone to enjoy His gifts, and ultimately, eternal life with Him. There is only thing required. We must repent. The invitation isn't enough. We also need to properly respond to the invitation. It's like the invitation is an open call for tryouts for a sports team or a play or something. Anyone can tryout for God's Kingdom, but not everyone will be chosen to be on the team, in the play, or in Heaven. Thankfully, God doesn't judge us on our athletic or dramatic abilities, but He does judge us on whether we have truly repented in response to the invitation He's given us.

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