Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 25:14-30 - Parable of the Talents

(Read Matthew 25:14-30 here.)

1. The king gave each servant a different amount according to their ability.

God gives each of us opportunities according to our abilities. He knows us and He knows what each of us can handle. He doesn't give us more than what we can actually perform, but He does challenge us to grow and reach for our ultimate potential in the tasks He sets before us.

2. Two servants were successful, one didn't even try.

I think the two servant are rewarded not because they were successful in doubling their investments, but because they performed to the best of their ability. The king gave the third servant a task, but he refused to attempt it. What task, what calling, has God given you? Are you pursuing it with all you've got, or are you trying to ignore it and put it off?

3. The third servant didn't know the king.

When the king returns, the third servant accuses him of being hard and greedy and says he was afraid of him. The king takes offense at this, saying sarcastically, "So you knew I was like that, huh?" If the third servant had really known the king's character, he would have known that the king was a generous man, as shown with the first two servants, and wouldn't have been afraid to attempt the performance of his task.

Do you know God? Have you taken time to really get to know His character? If so, then have the courage to do what He has called you to.

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