Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 25:1-13 - Parable of the Ten Virgins

(Read Matthew 25:1-13 here.)

The return of Christ is supposed to be a celebration, a spontaneous celebration in which He surprises everyone with His sudden coming. Those who are ready for Him will be giddy with joy. But those who are not ready will find themselves missing the party.

Who have to be ready. We have to be living to please the Lord every day because we don't know when we'll run out of time before either we die or He returns.

We can't rely on someone else' faith to save us, just like the five unfortunate virgins couldn't rely on using someone else's oil. We need to make our faith our own and live every day living our lives in accordance with what we say we believe.

It's not enough just to say that we believe in Christ, just like it wasn't enough for the virgins to have a lamp. We need to be living our faith and keeping our lives full of service to Christ, not letting our faith become empty like a useless oil lamp.

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