Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 23:13-39 - Seven Woes

(Read Matthew 23:13-39.)

Jesus condemns the Pharisees and teacher of the law because they value surface things rather than getting at the heart of the matter. They value gold rather than the holiness of the Temple and altar (maybe this is why they were okay with selling things in the Temple). They follow the rules about tithing, but don't have a heart for others. They try to convince others to join their religion, but it does no good tp tje convert because their religion is empty.

The Pharisees valued tradition rather than a heart for God.

How is your heart today? Are there any rules, traditions, objects that are distracting you from having a real heart for God and getting down to the heart of faith issues?

Jesus said that He was sending prophets to the people in an effort to turn them back to Him so that He could embrace them like a hen with her chicks. Jesus is doing the same to us. He is also ready to take us back to Himself in a fuller way than ever before. 

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