Monday, April 1, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 21:33-46 - Parable of the Tenants

The landowner is God, the tenants are the Jews, the messengers are the prophets, and the son is Jesus. The tenants are punished because they disrespected the landowner and showed their rebellion by mistreating his messengers, just as the Israelites did with the prophets and, ultimately, Christ.

The landowner, God, tries to multiple times to communicate with the tenants. How is God trying to communicate with you? How can you be more attentive to the times God is trying to communicate? Are you respecting the people He is using to communicate with you?

The tenants had a limited amount of time in which to repent and give the landowner the respect He deserved, and so do we. We never know when our life might end and we will be out of time.

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