Saturday, March 23, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Palm Sunday

Observation: The crowd 1) cuts down palm branches and waves them in celebration of Jesus' coming and 2) lays their cloaks down for Jesus' donkey to trample on.

The quote from Zechariah states that Jesus is coming gently.

This is a victory parade. The people know how much Jesus has been doing the last three years and now they are celebrating His coming to them, fully expecting Him to become king.

Application: This is how we should we welcome Jesus in our own lives as well. We should 1) recognize that Jesus is king, 2) celebrate His presence in our life each and every day, 3) throw our sins at His feet for Him to trample on, 4) live in the victory that we now share in Him.

How can you give Jesus the respect He deserves as your King?

How can you make each day a celebration for His presence in your life and what He has done for you?

What does it mean for you to throw your sins at Jesus' feet and to have Him trample them?

How does your life change when you are living in His victory?

If we will respect Christ as King, celebrate Him, and give Him our sins, then He will come to each of us gently and deal with us graciously.

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