Friday, March 22, 2013

Preaching Points - How to Preach Matthew 20:29-34

The two blind men 1) recognize who Jesus is and give Him the respect He deserves as the rightful King and 2) don't back down when the crowd tries to shush them, but rather cries out all the louder.

Why do you think the crowd wanted them to be quiet?

Because of their faith in who Christ is and their courage to go against the crowd when necessary, Jesus heals them.

Do you recognize and give Jesus the respect He is due? Do you stand up for Him all the more vigorously when the crowd of the world tries to shut your faith down?

How should you think about Christ in order to respect Him more? In what ways does the world try to shut you up? How can you be even more bold than before when that happens?

If you honor Him properly and are bold in the face of the world's pressure to shut down your faith, you can believe that Jesus will reward and bless you just as much as He did these two blind men. How do you think He might reward and bless you?

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