Monday, August 13, 2012

Youth Group Service Projects


Make somebody breakfast and take it to them (good for pastor’s birthday, pastor’s spouse birthday, secretary, etc.)

Operation Christmas Lights

Offer to put up Christmas lights for people who can’t do it themselves, take them down after New Years.

Operation Rake-Up

Rake leaves for people in your neighborhood.

Operation Snow Shovel

Shovel sidewalks and driveways for people in neighborhood.

Secret Service

Do service activities secretly. Try not to let people know who is doing it. Tie in to Matthew 5. Give students Secret Service I.D.’s. Leave a note at that work site, saying “The Secret Service of _  Church Youth Group was here.”

Valentine Cookie-Bake

Students gather to bake cookies and then deliver them to elderly church members or nursing homes.

Park & Ride Pals
With cooler morning temperatures, the wait time at the Park & Ride lot can be pretty miserable. Warm up the day for area commuters by giving away free coffee and donuts at the lot. Add a contact card with information about your church’s worship times and upcoming holiday activities.

Free Yard Sale

Ask church members to donate used clothes and other items, then invite the community to a free yard sale.

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