Thursday, July 5, 2012

Creation or Big Bang?

Lesson 1: Created?


Needed: Mona Lisa picture, museum picture (included after student sheet)


Discussion Starter: Ask, According to modern science, how did the World (Universe) come to be?


Big Bang – All matter in the Universe packed into a dense ball of energy that then exploded out and is continuing to explode out. Over time, these particles of matter called quarks formed themselves into atoms and then the atoms combined to form stars, planets, gases, living single-celled organisms, plants, animals, people, etc.


Do we believe this? Why not?


Problems: There’s too much structure. The World fits together too neatly to be a random explosion. What makes the quarks fit together the way they do? What makes one atom with one electron become attracted to an atom that has eight? How do these atoms then evolve themselves into higher, thinking beings?


Secular science doesn’t give us the answers to those questions. It just says that “somehow” this happened.


It would be like walking through a museum and seeing a painting, a portrait of the Mona Lisa, maybe, and saying “Oh, look at how nicely that paint just jumped up onto that canvas to make a perfect picture”.


Or better yet, you’re walking into the museum and thinking, “You know, it’s really lucky how these bricks shaped themselves into such perfect sizes and then jumped on top of each other to make this museum building.”


But that’s what the Big Bang and an evolutionary beginning of life is saying. Everything exploded and “somehow” luckily put itself together in a perfect way to make a working, functional Universe.


Also, where did the matter come from for it to explode in the Big Bang? It’s all packed together in a dense ball when the Big Bang happened, but how did it get packed together like that? Where did all those quarks and atoms come from in the first place?


Which brings us to the now-second-most-popular theory for the origin of the Universe. It was created. An outside force creates the material for the Universe and designs matter to have cooperative properties, designs things so that those quarks and atoms want to fit together.


This Creator designed the Universe with a purpose in a mind. You know, another problem with the Big Bang origin theory is that there’s no purpose to it. Life just happened, we just happened, by chance. There’s no real purpose to our lives. There’s no real reason for why we should be here.


But I don’t feel, in my heart of hearts, that I’m here for no reason, that I’m living a meaningless existence. I don’t feel like I’m just a product of chance. When I look deep within myself, there’s something that says, “Yes, you were created for a reason. There’s a purpose to your life. You’re not just here by chance, but there’s a reason for you to be alive.” Do you all feel like that too?


Problem: Where did this “outside force” come from?


Well, where the “outside force” came from, where the Creator or creators of the Universe came from, doesn’t matter for question of how Universe came to be because that “outside force” is not part of the Universe.


It’d be like asking how that painting of the Mona Lisa came to be. The answer is someone painted it. It doesn’t matter right now who painted it. The answer is Leonardo DaVinci, but you don’t need to know that to know that someone painted the painting. We can just recognize the fact that the Mona Lisa has a design to it, that it’s too perfect and too rational to just be paint randomly jumping onto a canvas.


It’s the same thing with the Universe. We don’t need to know who created the Universe or how that “outside force” came to be to recognize that the Universe fits together too perfectly to have not been created.




Lesson 1: Created?


Discussion Starter: According to modern science, how did the World (Universe) come to be?



Big Bang –



Do we believe this? Why or why not?



According to science, does anyone know how or why this could have happened?



The Big Bang is like …



Creation –



Creation means there was a ________________________.



Creation means ___________________ painted the Mona Lisa. __________________ built the museum.

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