Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preaching Points - Genesis 24

-  Don’t Go Back There (verses 1-9)
Abraham tells the servant not to take Isaac back to their old country. God had called the family out from there and was doing something new with them. We can compare the old country with our old way of life. God has called out of our sin and our old habits. We can’t go back to them.

-  Can’t Stand in God’s Way
God chose Rebekah to marry Isaac (verse 14), as is evidenced by the outcome of the servant’s prayer. God doesn’t choose who everyone is supposed to marry. This is the only time in Scripture we hear about something like that happening. But it did happen this time.

The question was, How was Rebekah and her family going to respond? Her father and brother said they couldn’t stand in God’s way (verse 50). Rebekah was also willing to follow God’s will on the matter (verse 58).

What about us? When we see that God is directing us to do something, do we resist God’s will for our lives, or do we realize that He is God, that we ultimately can’t stand in His way, no matter what we do, and faithfully accept it?

God doesn’t make every decision for us, but when He does direct us to do something, He wants us to willingly obey, just as this family did.

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