Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Preaching Points - Genesis 21

-    God Never Leaves Us (Genesis 21:1-21).
Sarah makes a selfish, mean choice in sending Hagar and Ishmael away. The two end up in the desert, near death, because of what Sarah did to them. Sometimes people hurt us or do wrong things to us (breaking up with us, betraying us, firing us, etc.) and we feel like we’ve been sent out to the desert to die. Everything’s been taken away from us and our souls or our hearts just feel dry and cracked, like a rocky desert.

But God told Abraham not to worry about Ishmael (verse 12) and He told Hagar not to be afraid (verse 17). God knew what was going to happen to Hagar and Ishmael and He knew how He was going to help them. God also knows everything that’s going to happen to us and He knows that whatever other people do to us, He is still in control of our lives. He can still take care of us when others hurt us.

When Hagar and Ishmael were dying in the desert, God provided water. God always provides exactly what we need. If your spirit or your heart is dry, God can come in and give you the life-giving water of His Spirit (John 4:7-13).

God didn’t leave Ishmael when Sarah and Abraham sent him away. God was with Ishmael as he grew up. God will never leave us. People will. People will betray us. People will hurt us. Relationships will end or change. But God will never leave us.

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