Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preaching Points - Genesis 20

- Making the Same Mistake
Abraham is making the same mistake here as he did with Pharaoh in Genesis 12:10ff.

Have you continued to make the same mistakes before God? Do you come back to the same sin over and over again? Break the cycle! God forgives all of our sins, but He wants us to learn from our shortcomings, not continue in them. Being a Christian means living in freedom, it means transformation, not being stuck in our sins.

God is ready and willing to deliver us from our sin, but we have work with Him on it. We have to resist and trust His strength.

Abraham should have trusted God enough to know that even if he told the truth about he and Sarah’s relationship, God would protect them.

- Abraham Assumed (verse 11)
Abraham thought there was no fear of God in Gerar, but Abimelech obeyed God, showing Abraham to be wrong.  Don't prejudge someone. You never know what God is doing in their heart.

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